My journey over 100 lbs. ago, when my children decided to tell me their truth about how they felt About my weight gain and how it affected our family. To be honest, I was tired of myself. Daily activities were difficult. Walking up and down the stairs was killing my knees. My cousin brought to my attention this noise I made when moving.I realized I was in a lot of pain, all the time.

To top it all off, I was only 27 but felt 127. I was entirely too young and I had children to raise.I also wanted them to learn how to take care of themselves. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I dedicated myself to finding a healthy and happier me. Learning how to take care of my health became my passion.

To pay it forward, I became a certified personal trainer so I could encourage someone else on their weight loss journey. While working with a particular client his chronic shoulder pain began interrupting his workouts, overall feelings of well being, and getting comfortable for sleep was bothersome. In an effort to minimize his pain, I stumbled onto the benefits of massage during a regular workout session.

I returned to school at the Cortiva Institute, formerly known as the Texas Center of Massage Therapy and became a licensed massage therapist. Knowledge as a personal trainer and licensed massage therapist allowed my clients and I to develop programs that meet their needs by incorporating massage for injury rehabilitation and exercises for strengthening without pain.


My Mission

To help you learn about you, without your pain. Healthy, active, and in pain do not match. It is not just about your weekly sweat sesh. Health and wellness includes unlearning to live with daily pain. Let’s work together build an inclusive Self Care plan that focuses on you and ridding you of pain.When I am not massaging or coaching; I’m on my mom job to one boy and one girl. In my spare time, I design graphics, paint, create layouts, and doodle. I thoroughly love working out!

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