Fascia Release Therapy

Our body is comprised of  organs, skin, tissues, tendons, and ligaments. held together by a web of fascia. This fascia system is connected to and through every fiber of our body. Sometimes it gets tight, bound, or twisted, and it can cause a lot of unexplained pain. Suffers feel fatigue, have low or limited mobility, and at times can struggle mild depression. Fascial release therapy is a techinique that involves allowing the body an opportunity to unwind. Working together through a series of small movements and breath work, the body will allow the fascia to realize its diss ease and rebound itself to a healthier state.

The body will heal it self when provided the proper conditions, time, and space. –Lyn Woods


Project Details

  • Venue : Helen Spa
  • Location : Hong Kong
  • Masseuse : Jian Hung Huo

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