Our Mission

Our mission is to help you learn about what life can be like, without pain. Living your life in a healthy way, being active, plus being in pain do not match. Body wellness is not just about working out weekly, it’s about total wellness for your mind, body and soul. Health and wellness is also unlearning to live with daily pain. Let’s work together to build an inclusive Self Care plan, that focuses on you and ridding you of pain, addressing chronic issues, and living your best life.


Our goal is to HELP:

  • Help people get out of pain
  • Educate them on proper body function
  • Learn and understand how their choices and or patterns and habits can help or hurt them.
  • Partner and build a relationship that will help foster a healthy lifestyle change 

Pain is the body's way of requesting change.

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Heal-Thy Self

You are worth it.

Light Therapy

Infrared & Near Infrared Light Therapy

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Dolphin MPS

Dolphin MPS for non invasive acupuncture, calming of the CNS, scar tissue release.

Rejuvenate The Body, Mind & Soul

Learn to live pain free

Remember to unlock from within you, the stillness and the sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time to be yourself. Since the preservation of health is more important and easier than curing a disease after it has surfaced.

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