Lyn Woods

Licensed Massage Therapist
E-mail: lyn@healthyselffitnesscom
Brief info

No life journey can be complete without a little sweat! Lyn Woods began her journey over 100 lbs. ago, when her children decided to release their truth about Mommy’s weight. Because children can be so candid and often times brutally honest, she knew it was time to adjust her own level of self-care and level up!  She says: “To be honest, I was tired of myself. Daily activities were difficult. Walking up and down the stairs was killing my knees. My cousin brought to my attention this noise I made when moving. I realized I was in a lot of pain, all the time”. Instead of choosing for this to be the full narrative of your own life, she took action, worked hard and dedicated herself to finding a healthy and happier Lyn.

Born and raised in Houston, TX, Woods quickly turned living a healthy lifestyle into her my passion. Growing up in an environment where family members were plagued with diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and congested heart failure, Wood knew that making sure she would be around for decades to come was imperative. This included changing her diet, incorporating exercising into her lifestyle and seeing herself differently. Having self-confidence became a new way of life for Lyn and walking into her destiny of helping others reach their goals of a lifestyle change has become her purpose. Her goals are to help people rid themselves of pain without medication, heal and live a whole a happy life.